Lia wants to be fucked hard in public room

In daily life, girls often refuse to rub their anus. Yet they sometimes find themselves in a situation where they want to be taken hard by this hole. This is precisely the case of lia louise who not only wants to be fucked, but she also wants to do it in a public room for more thrills.

Lia's sexuality

Lia is a very beautiful girl, but who does not want more or engage in a relationship. So she prefers to find one or more sex partners during the times when she wants. Since she was caught by several guys already, it has specific criteria for guys who can kiss. Yet even the biggest cock that penetrated during along his adventure is not enough to fill her pussy. Since this hole has widened considerably during sexual relations, it may well have an orgasm, but without pain for the spice. This is why she now wants to get hardement take in her ass hole.

The conditions to sodomize Lia

During his very rough sex, Lia has already taken several times a anal sex with different guys randomly encountered. Suddenly, she dilated anus even during the times when it does not do anal activities. That's why she wants the man who will sodomize the present specific criteria as it wants to do it wildly like a home sex videos. First, since it wants to do it in a public room, it would a guy like that. Nevertheless, it should also it has a huge cock to be able to fill this big asshole. She would feel nothing if it was not.

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